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Justin Golightly

If Legacy Fight Alliance keeps up this insanity, we're going to have to just create a separate section just for their highlights. We've collected hematoma elbows, footage of people getting knocked stanky-legged, and an epic Capoeira kick fail. As if this bounty of riches wasn't enough, Sabino Mazo decided she was going to try and pull off the best headkick knockout of 2017 at LFA 9.


How can we adequately type out words that you're screaming right now in the privacy of your own home? How can we do this justice? Is it possible to have a blank article with just finger pointing emoji and a frame around this video? Jamie Thorton dropped like she was just hit by a taser. She did the trick in Super Mario 3 where you can turn into a statue for a limited amount of time. We hope that she's alright because that was just nasty. Take notes, folks: Sabina Mazo is frightening.

"This is just the beginning of this journey. I will keep training to get better!" — Sabina Mazo to Champions.


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