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Kel Dansby

22-year-old Gervonta Davis is one of the youngest world champions in boxing, but you'd never know it. Davis carries himself like a veteran of the sport and his confidence gives him the belief that he can stand toe-to-toe with the best in his weight class, regardless of age or experience.

That confidence radiates throughout his entire team. Davis is signed to Mayweather Promotions, where confidence is instilled from Floyd Mayweather's personality and CEO Leonard Ellerbe. Both Ellerbe and Mayweather have supreme belief in their ability to create superstars, their bank accounts are an example of their success, and both are working hard to help Davis achieve those levels.

It all begins with Davis' first super featherweight title defense against Liam Walsh in London on May 20.

“Well, I think [the Walsh fight] just sets him up for bigger and better things down the road,” Ellerbe said during the Davis-Walsh conference call. “Obviously, the focus is Liam Walsh and Saturday night. As long as ‘Tank’ stays focused and does what he does, the sky is gonna be the limit. He has a tremendous team, he’s working with the best promoter in all of boxing and again, we’re really, really excited about this young man’s career. In our eyes, he’s the most exciting fighter in all of boxing and soon he’s gonna be the biggest star in all of boxing.”

Ellerbe wanted to make it clear that his foresight into Davis' future doesn't mean that he and his talent young champion are looking past Walsh.

“The focus is Liam Walsh,” Ellerbe said, “and obviously, with being in this game for many, many years, when you tend to look ahead – obviously, from the business side, me and Floyd are working day-to-day with plans and things of that nature. We know which direction we’re going. Again, the focus is Liam Walsh and that’s all we’re thinking about. We’re not thinking about no unification and this guy and this other guy. Liam Walsh is all ‘Tank’ is thinking about and he’s gonna go in there and do his thing next Saturday night, and bring that strap back to Baltimore.”

Gevonta Davis echoed the sentiment and knows how much tougher it is to defend a title than it was to obtain it.

“I’m actually staying level-headed, staying focused. Getting a world title is just a step closer to what I wanna be. Like I said before, I wanna be that pay-per-view star. I wanna be that star of boxing. Having a belt is cool, but I’m trying to do more in the sport. This is just one step for me.”

Whether it's Mayweather's decades of wisdom, Ellerbe's business savvy, or life experiences growing up in the tough streets of Baltimore, Maryland; Davis has an understanding past his years.

The path is lit for him to become one of boxing's next superstars, but he'll have to continue to show that he's ready for the bright lights.


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