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Justin Golightly

It didn't take long before the UFC signed Dominick Reyes after his incredible headkick at . Joachim Christensen didn't make the mistake of taunting Reyes, but it didn't matter anyway. The former college football player blitzed Christensen, not long before landing a left from the fiery depths of hell to finally take his opponent out. After seeing the end of so many hype trains, we'll still hop right on this one.

Holy crap. Well, now we know that Reyes has power in his hands as well as his legs. Christensen's feet left the ground with that left hand like some sort of violent exercise in levitation. Not only that, but it seems like it left Christensen's nose all sorts of broken, along with a bloody mustache. You couldn't have scripted a better UFC debut. The lightweight division just got a new predator in their shark tank, and we'll be waiting for the next episode of When Dominick Reyes Attacks.


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