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Jason Nawara

Hardcore MMA fans know that Poland's premier MMA organization KSW always brings the goods. But no one, NO ONE, could ever know that the greatest stare down in the history of MMA would take place at their weigh-ins today.

Tomorrow at KSW's Circus of Pain event, KSW heavyweight champ Karol Bedorf will take on Fernando Rodrigues Jr. in the main event. There's 12 knockout wins between the two of them so this should be just grand, and if it's anything close to the brilliance of this face off, then we're in for something special.

Please look at this.

At first, it looks like every intense stare down ever, but then a penis bump and shared smiles lead to deltoid grabs and forehead touches and eventually, the most powerful bro hug in the history of mankind. Some chest slaps, smiles and a handshake later, the competitors cry out into the Polish night only to embrace once more.

It's truly wonderful that these two men can be so damn pumped about trying to put each other's lights out. This is going to be good — seriously.

Here's Bedorf in action:

And Rodrigues' brand of pain:

It was truly a wonderful moment in MMA history. Dong touch/groin bump/penis staredown. Whatever ya wanna call it, we're ready!

(Via FloCombat)


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