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Justin Golightly

Lerdsila Chumpairtour's record looks like a Dragonball Z character's. He's had 220 fights and won nearly 200 of them. He actually won 100 consecutive fights without a loss. His opponent at Lion Fight 36? Jacob Hebeisen, who is 7-4 in MMA making his kickboxing debut. Two other previous opponents pulled out. The brave Hebeisen was as big as an underdog as a fighter can get, unfortunately it played out like that as well. What you are about to witness, is one of the most incredble head kicks in recent memory.


The speed. The accuracy. The damn sound. Lerdsila tapped him with the teep, paused slightly to disrupt timing, and rocketed the same foot onto Hebeisen's jaw hideously fast. That's the kick of a man who has performed that same technique millions of times. That gasp in the arena after the shotgun smack rang out tells the whole story, as does Hebeisen laid out in the stanky leg position. It's not MMA, but you have to write this down as a knockout of the year contender.

...Let's continue freaking out.


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