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Justin Golightly

Everyone loves a good flying knee, even the NBA. Andre Soukhamthath pretty much made a name for himself his insane knockout. Sometimes though, it takes more than one violent knee. Sometimes, it takes two, baby. Sergei doubled up on the striking aerials at Heroes Soul 8 and it eventually paid off.

Usually, repetition is a bad thing in striking. You want to mix it up. Every now and then though, it's a good idea to throw a technique that you know works. Each time, Sergei gave a slight pause and flew through the air when his opponent was square on with him and landed. He also defended like it was a high kick every time. Let that be a lesson to IRL strikers and fighting game players alike: It's cool to spam your special technique if you conceal it within a string of non-repeating combos or even some basics.


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