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Khabib Nurmagomedov's epic saga continues. It seems like no other fighter in the UFC has as much trouble getting fights as this bear-wrestling, Sambo machine. He's gone from getting multiple bout agreements that led to nowhere, to negotiating with Tony Ferguson, and now battling the UFC directly.

Dana White says that Ferguson wants to make as much money as Nurmagomedov, so no way that fight will happen. Now, they're getting closer and closer to having Jose Aldo fight for the interim lightweight title. This is a mess, and Nurmagomedov is fed up with it.

This message to UFC: It is clear to everyone that you hiding Conor from me. But stop lying to your fans like I don't want fight with Aldo, I'm ready to fight with anyone in my division. Give me relevant fight, so you won't be able to hide the belt from me after. But not the fight, where people say after my victory: he is too small, Khabib too big for him etc. I'm asking you for match that whole world is waiting for, give me Tony. You have never matched up two guys with 9 and 8 win streak in UFC, NEVER IN UFC HISTORY.

wants the best fight he can get. No doubt about that. No matter what it costs, he wants because he can't fight and Ferguson is the number one lightweight after him. It would not be surprising if the next story read something like: Khabib Gets Tony Ferguson More Money From Russian Connections so They Can Fight.

"Forget UFC, this is the number one boolsheet. You know this, Tony. No worries. I get you money from Russia so I can squash you, man. You want Mercedes? I get you Mercedes." — Hypothetical and completely not real Nurmagomedov quote.

One thing is for sure, he does not want to fight , but he will if he has to. ...And if he is able to do to Aldo what he did to at , then it would not be pretty. It would certainly be a test for Aldo's impeccable takedown defense.

Here's what Dana White told us about fighting Tony Ferguson.


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