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Elias Cepeda

Lightweight title-contender Khabib Nurmagomedov (24-0) is tired of being overlooked, disrespected by his UFC bosses and used as a pawn. The undefeated grappling powerhouse won his eighth-straight UFC bout at UFC 205 against top contender Michael Johnson and afterwards called out Conor McGregor.

As it turns out, Khabib also talked a lot of trash to UFC president Dana White during the fight, before calling him a "bullsh-t guy," afterwards.

"I talked between every round with Dana [White]," Khabib told Megan Olivi after he left the Octagon.

"I said, 'hey, after this fight, don't send me your bullsh-t fake contract. Send me real contract - I want to beat your son,'" he said, in mocking reference to UFC golden child Conor McGregor.

"And [then White] talked about, 'oh, please finish your fight,'" Khabib continued. "I said, 'don't worry about this. You know I already deserve this.'"

Nurmagomedov and his team have said they felt used as a pawn by the UFC to goad Conor McGregor and Eddie Alvarez to fight one another, while he occupied a space on the card, ostensibly to fight Johnson, but also to be ready in the wings should either McGregor or Alvarez bow out to injury.

The dominant and independent-minded Nurmagomedov says he managed to both beat Johnson and verbally abuse his boss at the same time, this weekend in New York City. "After first round I talked with [White], after second, and after the fight finished," he said, before characterizing his battle to get the title-shot he believes he deserves as one between himself and a dishonest White, who The Eagle believes has favored McGregor.

"But, I know Dana and Conor want to talk trash talk but I want to talk real talk. This is between me and these two bullsh-t guys."

Nurmagomedov has never lost during his eight-year pro MMA career, and has won all eight of his UFC bouts, finishing four of them. At the UFC 205 post-event press conference, Dana White said of Nurmagomedov's words, "That guy was screaming at me in between every round. 'Give me that fu-king belt!' I was yelling back to him, 'Finish this fight, first! In 30 seconds you've got to deal with him.

"And every round he's screaming at me. I get it. Understood. You want a title-shot. We'll figure it out."


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