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Justin Golightly

The UFC isn't running their circus tonight, but that doesn't mean there isn't a plethora of violence to be enjoyed in other places. You can always find some sort of weird gold like wrestling moves, or insane flying knees. If you don't catch us on the weekends, we even do a gnarly knock out every weekday. But for you weekend warriors, feast your eyes on this fighter jumping up like Mario and KOing his opponent with a wild, flying elbow at Kunlun Fight 59.

Did y'all get his license plate number?

Zhang Chunyu didn't make this the prettiest thing in the world, but judging from the chilling, bone-on-bone thump, it didn't need to be. Even Gladstone Allen had no idea what hit him. It was like when two samurais rush at each other with a katana strike, except both these dudes flung themselves at each other throwing blows. Sometimes, the job gets done, but it's not clean. I'm sure we could find an even better superman elbow if we looked hard enough.


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