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Universal Champion has obliterated WWE commentator on Twitter after Otunga made a fat joke about him during the live Survivor Series match on Sunday.

Otunga, while Shane McMahon was wrestling , compared McMahon to a war general and that this match was like "The Battle of the Bulge. And I am not talking about Kevin Owens' stomach."

Owens, formerly Kevin Steen, rose to become a huge fan favorite in Ring of Honor, before taking NXT by storm. He quickly landed a spot on the WWE roster and won the Universal championship earlier this year. Owens is one of the company's most popular wrestlers, and, more importantly, is respected by the fans and Raw roster.

Owens, who weighs at least 266 pounds, is considered to be a great in-ring worker, capable of high-flying moves, storytelling and a strong, stiff style of wrestling. His weight has not been a subject of a storyline and the WWE has attempted in recent years to move away from bullying as part of its character narratives.

Owens fired back, taking a real shot at Otunga.

Right on!

Otunga, who is most famous for being 's husband, as well as repeatedly reminding viewers that he has a law degree from Harvard, was never known for his great in-ring work, which is why he probably doesn't wrestle much anymore. He is cut and muscular, but never gained much traction with the fans. As a commentator, he leaves even more to be desired.

Owens is on the Raw brand and Otunga is on the Smackdown Live brand, so it's unlikely we will see this turn into an immediate feud, but everyone will be listening and watching closely during the next joint-brand PPV, .


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