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Amy Kaplan

Former UFC middleweight Kevin Casey has released a rap video.

Take a moment to let that sink in before we carry on.

The song was released by Bellator on their earlier today.

signed with Bellator shortly after being released from the following two losses and a draw. He made his Bellator debut on the blockbuster Bellator 170 card and achieved yet another draw for his 9-5 record.

He has had a series of bad luck fights including two no contest's and two draws. He is the son-in-law to boxing legend who passed away the night before Casey fought at UFC 199.

Casey has long discussed his aspirations as a rapper and if you dig back far enough you'll find him talking about it while on a dating reality show with Omorosa Manigault titled "The Ultimate Merger." The video was filmed in the gym in Southern California and features images of him hitting a heavy bag and shadowboxing in a cage. The song, titled "Never" hints at the way he copes with his somewhat lackluster career as of late.

Perhaps this will be his next walk out song?


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