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Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, US Army SGT Veteran, 2015 Golden Gloves Champ, PCG 115 WMMA Champ
Katherine Roy

At first, I had no clue who was. I don't really follow the jiu-jitsu scene and hadn't heard her name much, but I when I finally did realize who she was, it was because some of the guys at the gym thought she was hot. They initially started talking about her because she was fighting around the same time that I was.

Then, I found out she was fighting Montana Stewart, and that was someone I had wanted to fight since my amateur days. So after Mackenzie beat Montana, I knew I wanted to take a crack at her next.

On a whim, I told my coach that I would like to fight her someday, mostly because I like to challenge myself and rarely take the "easy" fight like some other girls in this industry do. So when my coach got an email from Legacy Fighting Alliance () asking what we thought of the match-up, I jumped at the chance.

It's because of her that people are talking about me, and I'm fine with that. I know I will come out the victor in the end. I hadn't even heard of her until six or seven months ago, so there's no way I am letting her hype get to me. She's not on my radar, and my radar is all that matters.

She's coming to my hometown, and I have fought at this venue before. The cameras aren't going to bother me, I've competed in front of cameras in the past. For me, I fight because I love it, not because I need to do it. I have a career; I don't fight for the money. So I'm going to go into this battle with everything I have, and regardless of the outcome, I will have fun.

Don't be shocked if you see me smiling in there; I promise I will be having fun.

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  • Jon Kirk vs. Eryk Anders
  • Mackenzie Dern vs. Katherine Roy
  • Willian Hoffmann vs. Richard Odoms
  • Gleidson Moraes vs. Dimitri Ivy
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