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Katherine Roy

When initially offered me the fight with , I had concerns over her weight. I knew that she had had issues making weight previously, so I specifically asked if she was ready to make weight. I was assured that her weight management was in better shape and there would be no issues.

So I was shocked when I got a text (while I was cutting weight) saying she wasn't going to make it. I got the message at about 9:30 am, the morning of weigh-ins (we were supposed to weighed in at 1 pm) asking for a new contract at 120 pounds, plus 20 percent of her purse.

I was upset of course, but I wasn't going to say no to the fight. But, I was livid when I found out she couldn't even make that weight on her first attempt. She stepped on the scales at 121.8 and was given additional time to cut and then stepped on at 120 on the nose (supposedly).

The thing is — it gets worse.

Rich Burmaster/LFA
Rich Burmaster/LFA

I later saw that her management was trying to pass off that she had made weight, and was trying to hide the fact that the bout was supposed to be 115 originally. They kept telling the media it was always going to be a 120-pound fight, which is 100 percent false. That upset me and shows a lack of professionalism and respect. Look, things happen, people miss weight — own up to it.

I thought that once we got in that cage, it would be the end of it, but then her corner accused me of greasing. I didn't know about it at the time, but I guess her coach asked the referee to wipe down my armpits because they thought I had greased to avoid her submission.

Um, no.

I just worked incredibly hard on my ground game and my submission defense. For Mackenzie's corner to accuse me, on top of everything that had happened the day before, was the icing on the cake. She couldn't just admit that I was good? That I had some decent defense? She thinks she is THAT good that it would be impossible for me to avoid a submission unless I was cheating?

Rich Burmaster/LFA
Rich Burmaster/LFA

Also, just to make things very clear. The commission was training someone and used me as the test dummy. Meaning, I had TWO members of the commission by my side the entire time I was in the locker room. If I had been greasing, they would have caught it.

The thing is, I actually thought that Mackenzie seemed like a nice girl, and even after all of that, I still have respect for her and what she does.

I just wish that she'd give me the credit where it's due. I made weight, I avoided her submissions, and I went three rounds with her — at least I know I had fun in there.

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