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Justin Golightly

People who are die-hard kickboxing fans constantly question why it's not much more popular than it is. Kickboxing is the Goldilocks sport for technique-hungry scholars, but also fans who were voted most likely to boo at an MMA event. Just last night at , a dude got hit so hard he literally became Ric Flair. Now, check out Rukiya Anpo when he channeled UFC's at the K-1 World Grand Prix lightweight tournament.

The Air Rodriguez is big in Japan!

That GIF deserves to be displayed at the Museum of Modern Art. Sure, it was cool as hell when Rodriguez pulled the same kick off at , but Rukiya performed it with blinding speed and completely flawless technique. It's a perfect example of the gulf that separates really good strikers, from the truly elite. Hopefully, this is enough for the kickboxing bug to bite you. The full fight is down below and all of tournament matches can be watched in their full glory here as well.


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