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“Who’s next? Who’s next? It feels fantastic. I love this. You can’t break, me I promise you.”

Those are the words of Justin Gaethje after he and Michael Johnson put together a scintillating display of violence. Unfortunately for Johnson, he was unable to keep up with Gaethje's frantic pace and found that you're going to have to separate him from his consciousness in order to win. After nearly putting away Gaethje a couple of times, Johnson realized that this is exactly what Gaethje wanted.

Gaethje promised that he would break Johnson. What Johnson didn't realize is that the undefeated former World Series of Fighting lightweight champion is willing to put his health on the line to get his hands on his opponent.

But there's a reason why Gaethje is undefeated and with his ruthless aggression, he finally broke Johnson down in the second round.

It was an epic display of violence by both fighters. Johnson took no issue bringing the fight to Gaethje and the two pleased the crowd with a brawl that never let up. Both let their hands go and there were never lulls in the action. But as the fight progressed it appeared that Gaethje was only going to continue applying pressure and there was absolutely no chance this fight would end up in the hands of the judges.

Gaethje plowed through Johnson with leg kicks but the ebb and flow between the two was one of the most epic brawls in recent memory. Eventually, a knee and wicked uppercut by Gaethje turned the tide as the unbeaten lightweight poured on the violence with an assortment of elbows and punches. Johnson dropped to the canvas but rather than pounce on his wounded foe, Gaethje called him back up to finish the job. Another barrage of strikes finally crumbled Johnson to the canvas and forced the fight to be called off at the 4:48 mark.

The only thing that didn't go right for Gaethje was his failed attempts and celebrating his victory with a backflip.

Let's see who he faces next.


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