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Amy Kaplan

First Demi Lovato and now Justin Bieber! It seems like every celebrity these days is picking up Brazilian jiu-jitsu moves and training and the Biebs is no different. The mega-star posted a video of himself and his manager, Scooter Braun, rolling in the grass.

The armbar, while done in decent form, was definitely just tomfoolery because Scooter could have easily gotten out of the submission, but that didn't stop former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones from complementing his technique.

Combat sports are nothing new to Justin, as he's been boxing for years alongside Floyd Mayweather, but I have yet to see any videos or images of him practicing jiu-jitsu before this.

Justin famously settled his beef with Nate Diaz after he insulted his skills in an Instagram post celebrating Conor McGregor.

So, might we see Justin being the next crossover star to take his place inside the Octagon?


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