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Matt Juul

Jason Momoa's Aquaman won't be the only martial arts savvy Atlantean in Zack Snyder's Justice League movie.

Amber Heard took to Instagram this week to show off her fierce wushu moves in preparation for this year's superhero team-up flick. The actress is set to play Mera, queen of the seas and lover of Momoa's Arthur Curry in the DC Comics movie universe.

According to Heard's post, the actress is working on her fighting and weapon skills with California-based wushu teacher Li Jing.

Although it's strange that she's holding a Japanese-style katana while practicing the Chinese art of wushu, maybe it means Heard is taking a MMA approach to traditional martial arts training.

The actress showed off some quick hands in a previous post, meaning Mera is ready to kick some butt alongside her Justice League pals.

Too bad being a superhero is so exhausting.

Justice League flies into theaters on November 17.


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