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Juan Archuleta

I tried some new things out in my last fight against Derrick Mandell.

And even though I was dominant over five rounds and won my third King of the Cage title in the last six months, I wish I would have been able to have more muscle memory in the fight.

Incorporating new techniques in a fight takes time, and it definitely takes muscle memory.

During my most recent fight camp, I picked up some new moves out in Colorado while training with and Duane Ludwig. We worked a lot on keeping the distance, staying in constant motion, faking, and getting my opponent to bite on some of the stuff and then taking advantage of those angles.

T.J. and Duane are the masters of Bang Muay Thai in MMA, and I was actually was able to do a lot of T.J.’s cutting angles in my fight.

Training with T.J. and Duane in Colorado was great. We had a full camp of lighter weight guys: Tim Elliott, Joseph Benavidez, and Brandon Moreno; who were all peaking at the same time. And just like this camp helped all of prepare for our fights earlier in the month, I know it’s gonna help T.J. in his fight against at .

For T.J., facing Lineker is pretty similar to the matchup I just had with Derrick Mandell. T.J. and I are both a lot taller and use more footwork than our shorter, wild-swinging opponents. And I think that’s how he beats Lineker, it’s gonna be similar to my fight.

T.J.’s gonna go in there, he’s gonna take the angles, and, of course, he’s gonna have to throw a lot more combinations and be able to follow through with more of his techniques. I expect him to go in there and really put it on Lineker.

Duane’s great at coming up with a gameplan, and T.J.’s gonna be in and out, he’s gonna get his combos and get out of there. He’ll make Lineker bite a lot on his fakes and then he’s gonna capitalize on his movement.

T.J. will dictate Lineker’s movement, just like I did against Mandell last week. That’s part of Duane’s patented Bang Muay Thai system. He comes from all angles, and it’s the punches that Lineker won’t see that’s gonna put him on the mat.

The moves and techniques I learned from T.J. and Duane during my camp in Colorado definitely helped me win that third belt, and I’ll keep practicing those movements so I have even more muscle memory for my next fight.

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