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Juan Archuleta

Big news coming from the Spaniard this week is that I have my next fight lined up.

I’ll be fighting on March 18 and defending my 155-pound title, so I’m already in the gym, putting on the size. Which, as I’ve mentioned, takes some serious work and effort.

A few weeks back, I was reviewing my historic title fight against Derrick Mandell -- the one where I won my third simultaneous title -- and there was a brief moment where I was caught in a reverse triangle on the ground.

Even though I was dominating the entire fight, Derrick managed to catch me. But, honestly, I was never in any danger. And I owe it all to wrestling ...

Coming from a wrestling background, it’s pretty common for me to shoot in for a single-leg or go for a high crotch and come out the back door. We call it the Iranian Position.

From a fans’ perspective, it may have looked like I was in a bad position, but I knew he didn’t have me in danger. However, if I would’ve sat there longer and let him lock that in tighter, I definitely would’ve been in danger.

A lot of fighters might find my style very risky, some people think that maybe I’m putting myself in a dangerous position. But I’ve this has happened in a couple of fights just because of the way my wrestling is, and we always find a way to come out from just being down there anyway.

So, I guess the real lesson here is that if you’re ever stuck down there, in an inverted triangle, fight those feet and break that lock as soon as you can. And then just come out that back door.

Alright, that’s all for now. But make sure to follow my blog as a I prepare to make my first lightweight title defense, and stay tuned for some new blogs about my day job on the TV show Kingdom.

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