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Thanks to 's history-making win over at UFC 205, multi-division champions have become all the rage right now. And although McGregor wasn't able to actually enjoy that distinction for long, there's another prospect looking to go above-and-beyond the Irishman's already incredible achievement.

That man is Juan "The Spaniard" Archuleta, the current featherweight and lightweight champion for California-based promotion King of the Cage.

The protege of former UFC lightweight Joe "Daddy" Stevenson and training partner of Cub Swanson, Archuleta is no stranger to success, having achieved the rare rank of All American while wrestling in high school and scored a 4th place finish in the Big 10 Championship at Purdue University in his junior year.

As has been the case for countless wrestlers before him, Archuleta's success on the mat would quickly translate to the cage after he graduated from Purdue in 2011.

Currently nearing the end of just his third year as a professional fighter, Archuleta tacked up 9 wins (three of which were contested for local titles) beside one loss before signing with King of the Cage over the summer, a deal that "The Spaniard" was only able to make under a pretty audacious set of stipulations.

"When I signed the deal with King of the Cage, I sat them down and said 'I need a promoter to get behind me...a promoter gets behind a fighter and they really push them,'" said Archuleta to Champions.

"What I need is you to push me as a promoter and I'll be able to take all three of your belts. I'll be the first one to ever do that as long as you get behind me and promote me."

So far, Archuleta has more than lived up to his claims, stopping UFC vet Chris Tickle to claim the promotion's featherweight title in June before moving up to lightweight and defeating Jordan Griffin to claim his second KOTC title the following month.

After claiming the first ever CFL featherweight title in October via a TKO victory over Jay Bogen, Archuleta is primed to become the first three-division champion in history when he takes on KOTC bantamweight champion Derrick Mandell on December 18th. According to Stevenson, a win is simply the next step in Archuleta's plan to become the greatest that ever was.

"[Winning three titles] is very important to meet our long-term goal...which is to be pound-for-pound one of the best of all time and go in the record books by achieving something that no one else has."


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