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Juan Archuleta

If you’ve been following my journey for the last few months, you know that earlier this year, I set out to make history and win three titles in three different weight classes for one MMA promotion.

Mission accomplished.

The whole experience was priceless. This performance was one of my best, and the win was definitely significant. No one’s ever even tried to accomplish something like this before.

I swept the scorecards on Sunday night. One judge even gave it a 50-44; I was able to put everything together.

The guy was a gamer though. I had the best Derrick Mandell there was out there.

I got hit early. Some of his combinations hit me, and I thought my eye was gonna swell up in the first round. But I took out his legs, so when he landed a spinning backfist, he had no power from his legs. Derrick did stun me, it landed pretty flush, so I had to push forward right away to shut down his momentum.

In the third round, I was in on a neck crank. I was trying to crank it. I was trying to snap that thing, but I wasn’t squeezing too tight. I was trying to let his chin slip out so I could get under his neck. He did a good job of fighting the hands so I decided to let it go.

Even without a finish, it was definitely the best me out there ...

Now that I hold the 135, 145, and 155 King of the Cage titles everyone wants to take me out, especially given what I’ve just accomplished. Everyone wants to take out a guy like that, like Conor McGregor, they want what he’s got. Now they’re eying for me and training for me. From here on out, I’m gonna start getting the best of everyone’s best.

People are starting to call me out now that I have these titles. Before it was hard for me to get a fight.

But, I’ll let , find my next opponent. It doesn’t really matter to me which title I defend first, which weight class. I have a great nutritionist, I just need the right time frame if I’m gonna make the cut again to 135 because this last cut was pretty drastic. I’m willing to step in there at any weight class.

The promotion can sort through a list of possible opponents to challenge for my belts in 2017. For now, I’m gonna enjoy time with the family. For Christmas, we get together as a family and, since we have Hispanic heritage, there will definitely be tamale making and bizcochito making. I’m definitely gonna eat a lot of menudo and open presents and gifts together.

After this last fight camp, time with my family is priceless. I made a lot of sacrifices; I wasn’t able to see them during training camp. Having my kids at the fight and in the cage with me afterward was priceless. Especially my son. He’ll probably take the event poster to his school and brag that his daddy won a fight.

And while I’m done fighting for the year, I’m not done writing, I’m not done sharing my experiences.

So make sure to check back after Christmas, when I’ll tell you about how helped me prepare for my last fight. I’ll also offer a little insight into T.J.’s upcoming fight with at .

And keep reading into the new year, when I’ll tell you all about my work with Nick Jonas on Kingdom, the time Frank Grillo was in my corner, and how I used the Iranian wrestling position in my last fight.

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