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Way before he started kicking alien butts as a member of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt was lighting up the mats in Washington's regional wrestling scene.

The actor recently posed for an awesome picture with UFC heavyweight Josh Barnett, who recalled Pratt's days as a wrestler in the Evergreen State. Both men couldn't quite remember if they ever threw down against each other, but as it turns out, there isn't any bad blood between them.

So I finally got to meet [Chris Pratt] last night and ask him the question: 'Did we wrestle each other in high school?

We are both from WA (Ballard & Lake Stevens) and we wrestled in the same regional tournament and graduated around the same times. Turns out that while we both conquered on the same mats we were one weight class away.

Great meeting you last night dude and hilarious that you had the same question. If you ever want to get on the mats again, let me know! .

Although Pratt has been spending his time these days getting shredded for Marvel movies, that hasn't stopped him from doing at least a little wrestling training.

Last year, Pratt worked on his "Batista Bomb" with his wife Anna Faris and former star/GOTG's Drax Dave Bautista.


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