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Nowadays, it seems like MMA is an entity in constant flux. The generations who grew up watching it and have spent their whole life training in the sport are now entering into the Octagon. This is why the UFC is always on the look-out for top prospects that potentially could break out into big stars.

Dana White created a whole show based on just that and discovered kid-tested-mother-approved Sage Northcutt. The latest season of The Ultimate Fighter is wrapping up and already Brandon Moreno, who was eliminated from the show, submitted top flyweight Louis Smolka. thinks that the next big thing won't come from either of those programs, but from his own gym.

"The guy that's coming out from Team Alpha Male that's going to take everyone by storm and start turning heads, is Joseph "Bopo" Morales," Faber said to Champions. "He's been on our team since he was ten years old. He's now twenty-two. So, he's twelve years on Team Alpha Male. He's a product of our team and he's ready to take that next step."

"[Morales] has been training partners — legitimate training partners — with guys that are fighting for the championship or holding the title since he was kid. So, his level of competition is already there," Faber said. "It's just getting that opportunity, putting him in the right place and having him seize the day."

It looks like the time for Morales to seize the day was November 19th at Global Knockout 8. Morales beat the current Dragon House flyweight champion Josh Paiva for the vacant GKO flyweight title via a unanimous decision in what was awarded Fight of the Night.

"He's ready to step in for a UFC fight. We've had short notice UFC fight calls and [Morales'] name is always thrown in the hat," Faber said. "The matchmakers know who he is and they have their eye on him. He's going to breakout soon."

He already has an elite team and knows all the right people. Now, after beating a regional champion to earn his first regional title, Morales has just gotten that much closer to fighting for the UFC.

Check out the celebratory group photo with .


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