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Amy Kaplan

The undisputed UFC (depending on who you ask) featherweight champion, Jose Aldo, will be settling the title drama once and for all when he squares off with interim champion this weekend in his hometown of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil--a place he feels confident will break Holloway once and for all.

"He's going to f—king shit himself," Aldo told Combate (h/t Bloody Elbow). "He never fought with that kind of pressure before, man. You can see in his eyes how nervous he gets when the crowd starts to put the pressure on him. It's all baloney. He doesn't want to let it show."

is undefeated in Rio and is looking to make this fourth appearance a mirror image to the previous three, as he feels the hometown crowd is on his side.

“I've fought millions of guys, and I never felt the need to respond to the crowd or give them any gestures," Aldo said. "When a person wants to show all that, they're so nervous; you don't even know how much. He's afraid. He always fought in the USA, where there's no booing or anything. It's an important fight in a new place. He's nervous, anxious."

Aldo was undefeated for 10 years before losing in 13 seconds to , but beating Frankie Edgar at UFC 200, followed by McGregor relinquishing the featherweight title for the lightweight belt he won at UFC 205, Aldo was named undisputed champion.


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