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It's hard to believe, but Jose Aldo Jr. had a legit claim for the title of "best fighter on the planet." Now, he is headlining a card where he has to answer more questions about than his opponent .

Still, 13 seconds.

13 seconds — that's what it took for fans, analysts and "experts" to forget 's dominance. Listen, we're all guilty of it. It's hard to watch Aldo go down in a flash and not get caught in the hysteria that is Conor McGregor, but eliminating Aldo's decade of featherweight highlights and accomplishments is too far.

That's what people feel did on a recent episode of his Fight Companion Podcast.

If you truly dig into Rogan's statement, you'll see that Rogan was actually complimentary of Aldo's career, but unfortunately, he used the word "tarnished" and the rest of his statement went unnoticed.

“Aldo’s legacy and his reign is always gonna be tarnished by that 13 seconds against McGregor, said Rogan. "Which is so crazy because you take away that fight and he’s got one brutal war with Chad Mendes where he got rocked and stunned, which is a tough fight - the second one - great fight. And those are the only hard moments he’s had inside the Octagon other than maybe round five against Ricardo Lamas."

Is it not enough to just agree that Conor McGregor is a better fighter than Jose Aldo? That's truly what one fight proves. Can anyone honestly call McGregor a better champion than Aldo, especially given their lopsided title defense records?

Aldo is 8-1 in UFC title fights and 3-0 in WEC title bouts, McGregor has yet to defend either of his UFC titles.

Rogan knows the stats. He's forgotten more MMA than most people have had the pleasure of learning, but he's just the latest victim of "Mystic Mac hysteria." McGregor's promotion, performances, and persona have eclipsed anyone he's come in contact with and they all seem smaller in comparison.

Excuse the geeky analogy, but McGregor is UFC's Rogue. Rogue is a mutant in the comic book series X-Men and she's unable to make contact with other mutants without taking their powers.

McGregor does the same to his opponents.

After McGregor fights or touches, for the sake of the analogy, his opponents he takes on their career accolades and achievements. Chad Mendes, Jose Aldo, Nate Diaz, and Eddie Alvarez all boast above average MMA resumes but were all afterthoughts once McGregor defeated them. Yet McGregor grew stronger and more powerful. It's at the point McGregor is in pursuit of taking the accolades of fighters in other sports () to further boost his powers.

So, to tie this all together, it's not that Jose Aldo's amazing legacy is tarnished — it's just currently attributed to McGregor. Have you ever wondered why McGregor can bounce around divisions and challenge anyone without proving himself worthy? It's because it's hard to see the accomplishments of those he's defeated and not attribute them to McGregor himself.

That isn't Jose Aldo's fault. Aldo deserves to be known as one of the best under 145-pound fighters to ever compete in MMA. He's just not Conor McGregor and that's no slight.


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