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Matt Juul

Between Michael Chiesa defending the honor of his mama and and 's backstage scuffle, last weekend's summer kick off presser was definitely one for the ages.

In addition to their near brawl, another moment that stood out amid the press conference chaos was all the on stage trash talk that we've come to know and love from the UFC light-heavyweight champion and his arch-rival. The ex-title holder once again got under Cormier's skin, while also making the bold statement that he beat the current champ after a "weekend of cocaine," a feat that aspiring mixed martial artists definitely shouldn't try at home.

After giving heavyweight king and his "get nasty bro" catchphrase the rap remix treatment, YouTuber Maurice Spears is back with another awesome match-up, this time, in honor of Jones' drug-fueled weekend.

It's a pretty catchy tune, and definitely a lot easier to listen to than Mike Tyson's recent attempt at spitting bars. And since Snoop Dogg is such a big UFC fan, maybe he can team-up with his pal "Bones" for track leading up to Jones' comeback at .


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