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Kel Dansby

and spent several days taking jabs at one another on social media. Do you feel like you've heard this before? Well, it isn't deja vu.

For a fourth time, these two men are preparing to challenge one another, but only one of their build-ups have resulted in an actual UFC fight.

Cormier pulled out of with an injury when the two were initially scheduled for their title rematch and then their fight was canceled because of a failed Jones drug test. Is the fourth time the charm??

Fans hope so, because the pair has been going at it all week on social media, led by none other than Jon "Bones" Jones.

Jon Jones and Cormier have gone at it via Instagram and Twitter in the past, this weekend served as par for the course. Jon interjected himself in a Twitter conversation between Cormier and an MMA fan that revolved around DC using the towel to assist his weigh-in at .

Jones decided it was the perfect opportunity to let Cormier know how much he's looking forward to hitting him in the face again.

It didn't take much more than that to light a fire under Cormier, and before you knew it the champion and former champion were going back and forth with insults.

Some were witty and cleverly placed, others said out of anger and frustration. Nonetheless, each message further excited the legion of MMA fans glued to their timelines.

The two seemed to run out of steam early Sunday morning but of course, Jones had to have the final word. That word came Monday afternoon when Jones decided to respond to a simple question by one of his Twitter followers.

The tweet implies that Jones has agreed to terms on a deal to fight Cormier for the UFC light heavyweight title, but Cormier is holding up the deal and not signing on the dotted line.

Is it true? Possibly, but only Dana White and Jones would know, and does it really even matter?

The statement served its purpose. It continued to build the narrative of Jon Jones, the G.O.A.T. versus Cormier, the man who could only capitalize in his absence. Is that a fair narrative? No, but it's one that many fans believe true.

The fact that Jon Jones continues to be cheered at live events and championed for these tweets shows his ability to manipulate social media like few others. It's something Jones has done throughout his career, paint himself in a positive light to the MMA faithful, and social media just allows him to do it faster.

Jones doesn't need the UFC to set up a presser and fly him across the country to sit with Cormier. He does all the talking and promoting from the comforts of his phone.


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