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Amy Kaplan

UFC interim light heavyweight champion Jon Jones was handed down a one year suspension by USADA this week and rather than hiding away or ignoring the news, Jones is finding humor to keep his spirits up.

Just hours after the news broke that he'd be out of the Octagon until at least July 2017, he posted an Instagram of his daughters doing the mannequin challenge (which has taken social media by storm).

And, in typical fashion, the ladies are doing fight poses, complete with aggressive faces and balled up fists. I'm not gonna lie, they kinda killed it.

Future UFC champions in the making perhaps?

And it's not just his kids having fun. He also changed his Twitter profile pic to the infamous face attached to his body.

Just in case you live on another planet and don't know what the meme means... it's basically the international symbol for failure.

In fact, after Conor McGregor lost to Nate Diaz (the first time) the internet was flooded with Irish Jordans.

So it seems that Jones is taking this suspension pretty damn well if you ask me.

I'm curious to see what else Jones does in his time off, especially if he's going to be making fun of himself. Troll Jones > Regular Jones.


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