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interim light heavyweight champion has been suspended for one year by following a failed anti-doping test due to a contaminated .

Jones will be eligible to fight beginning July 2017, as the suspension is retroactive. He was flagged for two substances following an out-of-competition test, and was subsequently pulled from his bout with Daniel Cormier as a result.

He has maintained his innocence, claiming the results were because of contaminated supplements. He became the first UFC fighter to enter USADA arbitration last week.

According to the independent arbitration panel, who released the full arbitration paperwork today, USADA was able to confirm the pills were contaminated. But, the panel found that Jones failed to complete his due diligence before taking the pill. In fact, they said that Jones' fault was, "at the top end of the scale," because he only asked the friend who gave it to him about the effects and not the contents of the pill.

"His degree of fault in fact verged on the reckless," the document reads.

The anti-doping agency handed down the full sanction, but the has yet to determine their punishment for him.

The paperwork cited the cases of Tim Means and Yoel Romero, who both received a six-month suspension for tainted supplements, but were different from Jones' circumstance because both Means and Romero's supplements were mislabeled.

"On the evidence before the Panel, the Applicant is not a drug cheat," the arbitrators wrote. "He did not know that the tablet he took contained prohibited substances or that those substances had the capacity to enhance sporting performance. However by his imprudent use of what he pungently referred to as a 'dick pill' he has not only lost a year of his career but an estimated nine million dollars. This outcome which he admits to be a wake-up call for him should serve as a warning to all others who participate in the same sport."

Jones lost an estimated $10 million after being pulled from UFC 200. This is his second suspension since 2015, the first resulting from a hit-and-run incident in April 2015. He has only fought once since January, but is still considered by many to be the best pound-for-pound fighter in the UFC.


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