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Jared Jones

Well, it's official: Hell has frozen over. Either that, or former rivals and have recently discovered a chest full of treasure that they have agreed to split 50-50.

The two light heavyweight champions, whose dislike for one another boiled over into a five round battle back at UFC 145, were spotted in the crowd together at following Thiago Alves' win over Patrick Cote. And instead of having to be separated by security, they actually seemed to be getting along quite swimmingly.

Suffice it to say, some folks were caught off guard by this.

Then again, after finally receiving medical clearance to compete at UFC 209 after two unsuccessful attempts, perhaps "Suga" is just happy to be back in the spotlight (even if he did come up short against Dan Kelly in his return fight). With Jones set to return from his most recent suspension this summer, is it possible that we will see these two team up to become the Chubbs-Gilmore of MMA? I can only pray to Carl Weathers that they do.


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