ByJason Nawara, writer at
Jason Nawara

Jon Jones is live on the Joe Rogan Experience and just a few minutes in, the former UFC light heavyweight champ is delivering some incredible stories. He's dived into his car accident, his suspension from the UFC, and his love of weight lifting.

In-between anecdotes, Jones is constantly reflecting on watching his UFC title that he never lost around the waist of Daniel Cormier. He said the following about watching Cormier defend (his) title while he sat on the couch.

Then Jones said he walked down to the powerlifting gym (while stoned) and apparently turned his life around...

Here are some choice snippets:

Regarding his estrogen blockers, the male enhancement pill he took went under testing, and...

The wildest quote...

The show has been fascinating to say the least. Watch it below.


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