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A wild Jon Jones has been sighted on the mats.

While the world awaits the hopeful return of MMA's pound-for-pound king, a lucky fan got the chance to lure Jones back into action for a brief grappling session.

"[Jon Jones] was actually just signing autographs at a booth till our guy asked him to roll and NAGA gave him gear to do [it]," stated 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu Phoenix who hosted the event.

Their guy was Don Daubert. Who will now forever be the poster boy of the motto, "you never know until you ask." Jones agreed to grapple him upon request as the fans and competitors at NAGA watched on.

Jones would go on to submit Daubert with a guillotine and leave us all wanting more.

He hasn't fought in the UFC since he was flagged by USADA before UFC 200, forcing his removal from his title bout with Daniel Cormier. Jones will appear before the NSAC for his USADA arbitration hearing on October 31st and the fate of the interim UFC light heavyweight champion will finally be revealed.

More of Jon Jones Grappling at NAGA

After rolling with Daubert, Jones decided to grapple with more NAGA competitors.

Lastly, check out this little girl doing what Vitor Belfort couldn't do: Submit Jones by armbar!


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