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It feels like a lifetime since we've seen former light heavyweight champion Jon Jones compete inside of the Octagon, but we can finally rejoice because Jones is set to end his suspension soon, and he's got big plans for his triumphant return.

"I'm focusing on what I have to do, and that's winning," Jones said to FloCombat. "Keeping my attention there kind of removes all the drama, but I'm sure that will all pick up again now that I'm here in Buffalo. I'm over the drama, and I'm ready to get my shit back. I'm coming back to get everything I lost in this sport, and I have a lot of work to do."

It's been a long road filled with cocaine, a hit and run, dick pills and the destruction of what was to be one of the biggest cards in UFC history.

Jones has spent his time away from MMA reflecting on where his career has headed — from one of the greatest fighters in history to the butt of many, many jokes.

"It's definitely safe to say I've had to practice a great amount of patience during this period," he said. "I had to learn to focus on the things I could control and put my energy into my work ethic and getting better. I've gotten a lot better in my absence, and I'm excited to prove it."

Jones will be making his first, official UFC appearance since he was removed from UFC 200 after a failed drug test, and will address the media before UFC 210. The card is headlined by current UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier and the challenger, Anthony Johnson.

"I'm excited to come back and especially in front of the New York fan base," Jones said. "I missed this sport and the energy. It's definitely very exciting, and I'm excited to watch this fight."

Many have speculated that Jones would face the winner of Saturday's bout, although he hasn't exactly confirmed that to be the case.

"As far as fighting the winner, I haven't come to any type of an agreement with the UFC as far as who I'll be fighting. I'm still debating whether or not I should take a warm-up fight or jumping right back in there for the title. I don't really know what is going to happen and I don't have much of a plan at this time."

Jones hasn't fought since he defeated Ovince St. Preux in April 2016. He will be eligible to compete again this July.


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