ByElias Cepeda, writer at
Elias Cepeda

There's show muscle, and then there's go muscle. That is, some athletes are all about looking a certain way, and others are all about performance.

Bodybuilder and physique competitor Sadik Hadzovic discovered this recently when he challenged former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones to an arm wrestling match at a the FitExpo in Los Angeles. At first glance, the lanky Jones with his wiry arms looked to be at a decided disadvantage against the bulging biceps of Hadzovic. However, once they locked up, the truth soon became clear.

Jones toyed with and beat Hadzovic about as smoothly as he did Dan Henderson in their recent submission grappling match. It's clear that even though the suspended isn't getting much MMA action lately, he's still got a competitive fire in him and is finding ways to stay busy.

After Hadzovic Jones sat down opposite strongman Robert Oberst. Oberst -- who has competed in the World's Strongest Man competition ever year since 2013 -- certainly has hulking muscles, but his were gained from pushing, pulling and lifting some insanely heavy stuff.

What we're saying is that Oberst has go muscles, and he used them to snap down Jones pretty handily in their arm wrestling match. The good natured matches are fun to watch, but what we really want to see is who would win in an X-Arm triple-threat match...


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