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It's hard to look at the entirety of John Cena's career and not deem him one of the top five pro wrestlers of all-time. That isn't to say that Cena is a master technician in the ring or the best at putting talent over, but as a complete entertainer, there are few better.

That's why it comes as no surprise to see Cena succeed in film and television, similar to . Both men exhibited larger than life charisma during their WWE stints and the years of character development spent in the WWE led to a successful transition to other forms of entertainment.

Cena's steadily grown as a feature film actor, a television host, and a reality star. There's truly nothing John Cena can't do when he puts his mind to it, and that comes from years of WWE polishing.

This is why it's important to look back on the wrestling feuds that shaped Cena's character. But first, some words from Cena about latest movie, The Wall.

8. Brock Lesnar

Arguably Cena's most lopsided feud, Brock Lesnar has gotten the best of Cena on multiple occasions, but Cena has done some fine promo work to make their bookings believable and generate fan interest.

Best Match: Extreme Rules 2012

Best Promo: RAW April 9, 2012

7. Kurt Angle

John Cena and Kurt Angle were two of the biggest names to come out of the Ruthless Aggression era and their feud carried Smackdown's earliest days. Cena also had the honor of making his WWE debut against Angle, and for that reason, it earns our vote for the best match in their feud.

Best Match: Smackdown June 27 2002

Best Promo: RAW October 29, 2003

6. Kevin Owens

Not only were Cena and Kevin Owens great on the microphone, but Cena showed the ability to step his in-ring ability up a notch to compete with the wave of former indie wrestling talent coming to the WWE's main roster.

Best Match: WWE Elimination Chamber 2015

Best Promo: RAW May 18, 2015

5. The Miz

The Miz has always been a good speaker, but his feuds with John Cena have brought out the best in his character. That is another one of Cena's undervalued traits; his ability to ad-lib with other wrestlers is among the best of all-time.

Best Match: WrestleMania 27

Best Promo: Smackdown March 28, 2017

4. Edge

John Cena was one of a few wrestlers that truly helped Edge establish himself as a main event caliber solo performer. The Rated-R Superstar and John Cena brought the best out of each other and had a natural chemistry in the ring.

Best Match: WWE Backlash 2006

Best Promo: RAW 2006

3. The Rock

What is there to say? It's the Rock and John Cena. Their Wrestlemania matches may have disappointed, but their promos leading up to those matches were everything fans dreamed of and more.

Best Match: WrestleMania 29

Best Promo: RAW February 21, 2011

2. AJ Styles

You may be wondering how the feud featuring AJ Styles vs John Cena is above the feud with the Rock? It's simple, John Cena's best matches have come against Styles, and he showed the ability to put on near 5-star matches with one of the best wrestlers in the world.

Best Match: Royal Rumble 2017

Best Promo: Smackdown January 24, 2017

1. CM Punk

The CM Punk feud had everything. John Cena cut great promos, often matched by Punk's creativity and truthfulness, and oddly, their styles meshed extremely well in the ring. Their match in 2011 at Money in the Bank in Chicago is one of the few WWE matches to receive a 5-star rating from Dave Meltzer and remains one of the best of this decade.

Best Match: Money in the Bank 2011

Best Promo: RAW January 10, 2011


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