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Matt Juul

Watch out Nick, there's a new muscled up fighter in the Jonas family.

Like his younger sibling, former Jonas Brothers star and DNCE frontman Joe Jonas has been working out at Fox Sports analyst Jay Glazer's Unbreakable Performance Center in Los Angeles. Judging by his recent post on Instagram, the training sessions have seriously paid off for the 27-year-old pop star.

According to a post by Glazer, Joe only had 14 weeks to get his body into fighting shape, a goal he achieved by training with top notch partners. The singer spent some time in the gym working out with green berets and professional fighters, including champion Ava Knight Salicka.

Glazer praised Joe on Instagram for taking the workouts as seriously as any other fighter or athlete.

"I couldn't be more proud of one of our fighters as I am of [Joe Jonas]," Glazer wrote. "This dude took on his task as serious as any fighter or athlete we've ever had come in. He trained with pro fighters, a green beret, performance coaches... he committed as if he had a fight coming up."

Of course, Joe's younger brother isn't a slouch when it comes to fitness either. Nick frequently trains at Unbreakable as well, constantly pushing himself to the limit so that he can look his best for his role in the drama series Kingdom.

Unless it's on TV, don't expect to see either Jonas brother inside a cage anytime soon. However, their good pal and fellow music star Demi Lovato is another story.


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