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If Joanna Jedrzejczyk is the best trash-talker in MMA (she is), she also produces the best stare downs in the game. You know, those moments after press conferences, weigh-ins or during final referee instructions in the ring where competitors are brought face-to-face before exchanging blows?

Yeah, Joanna rocks those almost as hard as she does her fights. In 2015, Joanna "Champion" explained to John Morgan why she likes "to look into the eyes of my opponents."

"I can see what to expect, if she's afraid or not," she revealed.

"It's feeding me up. Then, I feel more confident."

The below video gives a brief greatest hits of Joanna stare downs and you don't want to miss it. As much as fight highlights, it will give you a sense of who the Polish champion is as a competitor.

We've also compiled our seven (why seven? Because you're welcome, that's why) favorite Joanna Jedrzejczyk staredowns, many of which can be seen in the above video.

Joanna vs. Titiana Van Polanen (at the :15 mark of the video)

Before their kickboxing bout, Joanna was in full-on Raptor head-tilting, teeth-baring mode. Polanen handled it well, but she must've been at least a little bit creeped out, right?

Joanna vs. Carla Esparza at the UFC 185 pre-event press conference (at 1:45 of video)

This is the stare down that immediately preceded the ruthless trash-talking we recently highlighted, on the eve of Joanna beating Esparza to become UFC strawweight champion.

Joanna vs. Juliana Lima (at 1:08 of the video)

This is Joanna about to make her UFC debut. Doesn't exactly look like a nervous rookie, does she?

Of course not. The Muay Thai champ brought experience and calm from dozens of her previous professional bouts. Lima didn't wilt in the least, but Joanna's mean-mugging foretold the impressive win she was about to deliver.

Joanna vs. Claudia Gadelha I (1:23 of video)

Joanna (R) and her number one rival Claudia Gadelha | Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports
Joanna (R) and her number one rival Claudia Gadelha | Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

At this point, these two top strawweights have fought each other twice, in razor-close bouts, coached opposite one another on TUF and so have more than a handful of intense stare downs between them. This is our favorite.

Joanna got as close as can be after weighing-in to fight Gadelha and the Brazilian didn't back down in the least, jawing at the cocky Pole. Gadelha's refusal to back down helped make this an incredible stare down, as does the memory of the two epic battles that followed it.

Joanna head butts Karolina Kowalkiewicz at UFC 205 press conference

After a too-close-for comfort stare down, Joanna straight-up head butted her UFC 205 challenger. Don't expect a fist touch before their Saturday title-fight.

Joanna vs. Valerie Letourneau (5:38 of top video)

Joanna made a beeline for her future American Top Team teammate but the Canadian was more than ready, fronting the champion before their phenomenal UFC 193 five-round war.

Joanna vs. Jessica Penne (3:32 of top video)

Penne stood just as tall against a bullying Joanna after weighing-in as she did in their subsequent UFC Fight Night 69 title-fight. We can't always win, and Penne fell short against Joanna, but we can face danger head-on, and that's exactly what this moment previewed in the next day's contest.


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