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Justin Golightly

At the highest levels of grappling competition, some people just don't tap. If it's a compression lock or a pain hold and nothing is in danger of getting broken, elite grapplers may just decide to tough it out because they've been there a billion times. However, sometimes they may even risk a break because they're just a totally different breed of human.

Take Romulo Barral at the 2017 IBJJF World Championships for example: He let Patrick Gaudio dislocate his freakin' foot just because there was a chance he could win on decision. Yeah, that ankle looks all kinds of wrong. Unfortunately, Barral took the 'L' — and we don't mean the shape his foot — losing a decision and gaining a dislocated limb in the process. That's dedication for you. While Gaudio got the win in the semi-finals, Barral was cheered like he won the match anyway for his ridiculous toughness.


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