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For those who don't know him, Jimmie Rivera is currently one of the fastest-rising prospects in the UFC: A 19-0 (4-0 UFC) bantamweight killer fresh on the heels of a career-defining win over Urijah Faber at UFC 203. But aside from his title aspirations, it turns out that "El Terror" is also fueled by a much more personal quest: destroying each and every member of Team Alpha Male.

So with former Alpha Male teammates TJ Dillashaw and Cody Garbrandt currently choking the last remaining viewers out of The Ultimate Fighter this season, Rivera apparently figured it would be a good idea to throw a match into the powder keg that the camp has become.

Speaking with Bloody Elbow about his first sparring session with Faber and his former protege, Rivera was brutally honest, calling out not only the skill level (or lack thereof) of both fighters, but mocking Dillashaw's power (or lack thereof) for good measure.

"My buddy Louis Gaudinot, that 125-er with green hair, was fighting Tim Elliott in Milwaukee. And I actually always thought these guys were on a whole other level--Urijah Faber, TJ Dillashaw. So we went out to Anthony Pettis' gym, and we got to roll with Faber and Dillashaw. And I was like, ‘Wow. I thought these guys were way better. They're not!' And I got to spar with Dillashaw. Like, this was the guy who came close to winning the Ultimate Fighter? I'm like, ‘What?' It just put everything into perspective. I realized how good I am, and it was a confidence booster, it really was."

"[Dillashaw] doesn't have that power. I mean, look at his rematch with Barao! Barao didn't drop. Dillashaw threw, like, 20 punches. Hit Barao. Barao was still standing. The ref had to stop the fight, because he doesn't have that punching power. You already know he doesn't have that punching power. Did he bully me? Nah, he didn't bully me at all. I mean, I had fun. I think the best thing he got was a high kick, but my arm was there. He got me a little off-balance. He hit me with a jab here and there, but I'm not gonna lie to you, that was pretty much it."

And unlike Garbrandt, Rivera actually has the video to back up his claims:

Although the rivalry between Dillashaw and Garbrandt has only just begun, it's safe to say that the former bantamweight champion might have his next challenge waiting in the wings.


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