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The UFC summer launch press conference went off with a bang and two men who needed no invitation to get the trash talking started were and .

Cormier and Jones will meet for the second time at in Anaheim California and the two engaged in multiple back and forth verbal exchanges at the press conference in Dallas. Standing by and watching this all play out, was another man in and around the UFC light heavyweight title talk, Jimi .

Speaking exclusively to this week, Manuwa gave his thoughts on the Cormier and Jones rivalry and what he thought of their antics at the press conference.

“They’re trying to sell the fight, but it’s just trash talking—WWE s*it and that,” Manuwa said. “We all know they don’t like each other, but it is, what it is you know. I don’t buy into any of that trash talking and s*it. I just let my fighting do the talking—I don’t put up with trash talk and I respect all the athletes.”

Throughout his career, Manuwa has never been one to engage in trash talking. The Londoner explained why it wasn’t his thing.

“Trust me, if anyone says anything, I always come back with full force and that,” Manuwa said. “That’s why I don’t do any trash talking. I take this seriously, and I know myself and I know what my temper is like. I prefer face-to-face confrontation, so I like to keep calm and let my fighting do the talking—legally.”

With the date now set for July 29 for Cormier vs. Jones II, the rematch the world has been waiting for may finally transpire. Manuwa said he couldn’t pick a winner, but he explained it was because Jones would be somewhat of an unknown quantity heading into the rematch.

“I don’t really know—I think it all depends on Jon Jones and what Jon Jones turns up,” Manuwa said. “It depends whether he’s rusty or whether he’s back to his best. We will have to see. I can see Cormier making it a hard night for Jones, but I dunno, it all sits with Jones. He didn’t look too great against OSP, but then again, Jones always has problems with fighters that are the same height as him. I predicted that Jones would have a few problem with OSP.”

Manuwa will no doubt be watching the fight eyeing his own title shot against the man who gets his hand raised on July 29.


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