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Jim Ross

Fans of combat sports love to see carnage and collateral damage, and aesthetically, that’s what a fight between and will be.

It’s a freak show, and it reminds me a little bit of the hype between and Antonio Inoki, the founder of New Japan Pro Wrestling, before they fought the first big mixed fight in 1976.

That fight was an artistic failure because it was boring, but McGregor vs. Mayweather won’t be.

I don’t know of anybody that watches any MMA fight or any boxing fight that can resist this, and unless someone rears their ugly head at the eleventh hour, that fight’s gonna happen. There’s too much money at stake.

And that includes the media and the pay per view companies, as well as, obviously, the fighters and their camps.

I hear people say ‘well, it might not last but a round’, but how many fights of ’s did we buy that lasted a round? And we kept buying them, and kept buying them.

Conor McGregor’s a great illustration of what you would be if you were uninhibited and had the balls to do what Conor McGregor does, and says. He has the talking elements that everyone is looking for -- even what and New Japan are looking. He’s a guy that can communicate with, relate to, and connect with the paying customer, the fans.

And while Ali vs. Inoki sucked (I invested money in the closed-circuit broadcast in Oklahoma, so I know), I see the McGregor vs. Mayweather card being a good one.

Sure, Andre the Giant and Chuck Wepner had some really good matches underneath the Ali and Inoki match, but somebody said, ‘well maybe Anderson Silva boxes somebody’. And remember, it’s not about artistic beauty, it’s for a pay day.

If you want to make money, well jump on this card man. And if you can get a piece of the pay per view somehow, even better, because people love a trainwreck.

Ultimately, I do see this fight happening, and if it doesn’t, well maybe WWE might go to a stadium in Ireland and have a big-ass event in Dublin with Conor as one of the headliners. You don’t think Conor Mcgregor in a wrestling event against a real hot villain wouldn’t do well in his hometown? I think they’d fill up a stadium.

Things like that’ll work.

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