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Jeremy Stephens' plan against Frankie Edgar is simple: knock Edgar the f*ck out.

The UFC featherweight is scheduled to fight the former UFC lightweight champ at the historic UFC 205 event at Madison Square Garden on Nov. 12. We already know what Stephen's does best in his fights, and that game plan wont be changing against Edgar.

"Yup, show up, try to knock him the f*ck out, if not, just beat him up for 15 minutes, 25 minutes, whatever I have to do to keep it a street fight," Stephens told Champions.

This event marks the first time the UFC will be hosting a fight card in New York, and they plan to put on one of the best cards in the company's history. Stephens is excited at the prospect of being part of that historic event.

"I feel amazing, man," Stephens said. "I'm super excited, you know, Madison Square Garden is legendary. You walk into that arena and you can feel the greatness among everybody, and I know the crowd is going to be crazy. There is a lot more excitement involved, it's a huge card, a lot of great fighters on the card, and we're going to put on a show. I'm super excited."

Fighting Edgar in New York is a great opportunity for Stephens to take his career to another level, but that comes with a price, as Stephens' will be stepping into enemy territory to take on New Jersey's Edgar.

"I don't mind going into the backyards," Stephens explained. "Man, I've been to Brazil and fought Rony Jason there. I don't mind being the bad guy, playing that role, you know. The more people are hating, it's better for me because I don't have to be worried about impressing anybody. I'm in his [Edgar's] back yard. I'm the bad guy and I don't mind playing that role. But, all that aside, that's not my focus. I could care less if they're cheering or booing. I'm about me and my team, and we're about raw business. I'm coming to bring the business."


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