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is a UFC featherweight with plenty of momentum behind him.

The man from D'Iberville, Mississippi, recorded his fourth straight win last weekend against Chas Skelly at took a "Performance of the Night" bonus home for his troubles.

While some would be happy to sit around and take a break, Knight is instead keen to get right back into the thick of the action. Not wanting to wait around last evening, Knight took matters into his own hands and put out the challenge to fellow featherweight Yair Rodriguez on social media.

Speaking exclusively to earlier today, Knight explained why the young Mexican was the next man in his crosshairs.

"I called out Yair because I think he is very tough, but also very beatable," Knight said. If I beat him I will move into the top 15 and I'm looking to do just that. I don't really care what fight cards I fight on, I just would like to finish my contract this year."

If the fight does get made, Knight says he's got the gameplan to get the job done. Knight showed in his last fight with Skelly he's no mug in the striking department, but the 24-year-old said he's well aware that the key to the fight is getting it to the mat.

"I see the fight being very tough if I stand with him," Knight said. "But, I think my pressure would be too much for him and I'd take him down when I need to and get the submission. I know if I beat him, I'm in the top 15--it's as simple as that."

The UFC matchmakers rarely pair up a fighter coming off a win against a fighter coming off a loss, but if they make an exception this time around, it's unlikely many UFC fans will be complaining.


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