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James Terry

Bellator has some big fight cards coming up in the next couple months.

I’m already in the gym preparing for my fight against David Douglas at Bellator 172. That fight is going to be amazing; it’s on the same card as the return of Fedor Emelianenko, and I’m totally stoked. But before my fight fight on February 18, there’s another big card this weekend, in LA.

Most of the headlines for Bellator 170 are about headliners and . And even though fighters benefit from the great job Bellator is doing to get ratings up with these hype fights, these straight-up novelty fights that Scott Coker’s really good at putting on, being a fighter and a purist, I’m partial towards the guys that are fighting at a high level, like myself.

Chael vs. Tito is a great way to get the casual fan on the couch to watch (I’m gonna have to go with Sonnen), but I’m more concerned with the co-main event between and , two guys in my division.

Right now, the Bellator welterweight division is stacked for sure. They signed some new guys that I’d love to fight, but honestly I’ll just call out the whole damn division because I match up well against anybody.

Paul Daley has really good standup, he likes to bang, and he has the experience. Brennan Ward has that young, hungry lion syndrome and he’s real explosive. I’d love to fight them both.

It’s tough to say who’s gonna win between Brennan and Paul. That’ll be a fun fight, but I think Daley is a gritty veteran that’s so good at the standup game that he’s gonna posses a big problem for Ward. Ward is explosive and he’s got some power on him, but Daley has gotten incredibly better at takedown defense and getting up off the floor, so I’m gonna go with Daley in that one.

Honestly, I hope Daley wins. I’ve had my eyes on Paul for a while now because Andre Santos, a guy who the Spike TV audience thinks I beat, got a shot at him after our fight. I still think I beat him.

That fight against Daley was my fight, that should’ve been my fight, so I would love to fight Daley, and I think me and him would match up well. I match up well against anybody; I can beat any of these guys, I just need a shot to prove that.

So I’ll definitely be watching the fight this weekend, doing my homework, studying styles and body types and movement patterns. And after I take care of David Douglas on February 18, I’ll be looking to call out the winner of Saturday’s co-main event. Hopefully it’s Paul Daley, so we can finally go at it.

In the meantime, I’ll be training for Bellator 172, but make sure to follow my journey here, and stay tuned for new blogs coming soon.


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