ByJason Nawara, writer at
Jason Nawara

Fight fans have seen some weird things over the years, but we've never seen a fighter truly lose to the Octagon. Tonight at the , welterweights Jake Ellenberger and Jorge Masvidal were throwing dowin in a highly-satisfying fight, when Jake Ellenberger charged, slipped, then got his toe stuck between the mat and the Octagon.

Jorge Masvidal saw Ellenberger struggle to free his toe, then opened up with punches until Herb Dean quickly moved in to call a... Time out?

Confusingly, even though Dean called a time out, it was ruled a TKO victory for Jorge Masvidal because "Ellenberger couldn't defend himself." Odd. Very odd.

Ellenberger agreed:

Realistically, this needs to be looked at by the commission. How can it be a stoppage?

The fight was fun, too. They should do it again, even if Ellenberger was getting lit up by Masvidal. It's only fair.


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