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Matt Juul

Ronda Rousey may be trading in the Octagon for movie and TV show sets, but that doesn't mean the former UFC champion isn't still dangerous.

During an appearance on the Today show earlier this week, Blindspot actress Jaimie Alexander revealed that Rousey was as deadly as ever while shooting her guest spot on the hit NBC drama. Apparently, even fake fighting an ex-champ like Rousey can lead to some serious bumps and bruises.

“I got to have a cool fight scene with Ronda Rousey,” Alexander said, according to “I couldn’t feel my legs for most of it!”

The actress added, "I actually blacked out, I have no idea (what happened)! I was very sweaty.”

Rousey plays a mayhem-loving, escaped prisoner on the show named Devon Penberthy, and will go head-to-head with Alexander's Jane Doe character in the upcoming episode, which is tentatively set to air later this month.

Alexander also told Today that she "really enjoyed" her time with Rousey, and was extremely impressed with the MMA superstar's incredible physique.

“Some of the punch combos and all that kinda good stuff was great (to do with Ronda),” Alexander said. “There was one point I had to grab her arm, and her bicep’s the size of my waist! It was so awesome."

As for Rousey, it sounds like she had a blast filming as well.

“I was so in awe of her, and she’s so genuine, and kind, and generous," Alexander said. "The whole crew loved her, she was just having such a good time, it was such a pleasure.”


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