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Warning: If you're squeamish, you might want to get the hell out of here--this is not for the faint hearted.

Earlier today, took place at the Jangchung Arena in Seoul, South Korea with a headline fight between former UFC strawweight Ham Seo-Hee taking on Kurobe Mina.

Before the main event got underway, an openweight super heavyweight fight between Myung Hyun-Man and Aoirgele "Heavyweight Supernova" took place and it didn't pass without leaving tears in the eyes of all watching. Unfortunately, these were not tears of emotion, but more of shock as those watching round the world no doubt gasped simultaneously at the events at the unfolded.

Less than ten-seconds into the fight, the 148kg Aoirgele was the unfortunate recipient of a brutal groin shot as the 118kg Hyun-Man landed a ferocious shin to his nether region.

The sound of the connection was like a gunshot and Aoirgele fell to the mat in agony instantly. The distress of his face was there for all to see and the cageside paramedics rushed into the cage immediately to tend to the downed fighter.

Photo: ROADFC Youtube
Photo: ROADFC Youtube

A mysterious blue blanket was placed over Aoirgele's lower body as he received treatment, but unsurprisingly the pain didn't go away and Aoirgele was still writhing in pain on the ground minutes after the kick.

After a long pause, the fight was declared over and ruled a no contest. It was an unfortunate ending to a bout that never really got underway.

Thankfully, Aoirgele did make it back to his feet to walk out the cage, but no doubt he will be living with the consequences of the kick long into the night and likely the next few days.


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