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Over the weekend Randy Orton celebrated yet another successful WWE European tour with an anti-independent wrestling rant out of nowhere!

In true viper fashion, Orton struck without warning and with a lot of venom.

Randy Orton / Twitter
Randy Orton / Twitter

Orton later issued an apology, in title alone, to the "Indy marks" around the world.

Randy Orton / Twitter
Randy Orton / Twitter

These criticisms came from the same man that recently produced this match:

The independent wrestling world wasted no time replying to Orton's comments and one of the more vocal wrestlers happened to be rising superstar Will Ospreay.

Ospreay is known for his high-flying style and is largely considered one of the best pro wrestlers in the world. His "dives" are some of the most amazing aerials ever seen in a wrestling ring. Ospreay and other wrestlers could've allowed Orton's rant to draw them out of character, but in true indy fashion, they used it as an opportunity to make some money from merch.

Other members of the independent community also chimed in on Orton's comments. The response range from the extremely comical to the supremely upset.

Don't expect to see Randy Orton apologize again or back down from his feelings. He's far removed from his days at Ohio valley Wrestling (OVW), and has been accustomed to the WWE lifestyle for over 15 years. It'll be interesting to see how this affects Orton's relationship with the bevy of former indy talent on the Smackdown roster--most of which are considered far greater performers than Orton.


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