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Matt Juul

Fist Fight stars Ice Cube and Charlie Day gave fans a preview of their skills in the ring on Wednesday's episode of UFC Tonight.

The actors got a chance to test their martial arts moves against light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier as well as fellow host Kenny Florian, who both donned super-sized sumo suits for the impromptu wrestling match. Of course, the pair of aficionados took it easy on the Hollywood stars, but not on each other.

"This is my impersonation of Daniel Cormier in the off season," Florian joked before throwing down against Day.

Although the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia actor has been spending some time with UFC fighters lately, he was still a bit weary of taking on the former title contender.

"I got to be totally honest, even in that suit I was scared he was going to hit me back," Day said.

Prior to the sumo match, the movie stars chatted with Cormier and Florian about their new comedy, if will ever fight in the Octagon again, as well as the possibility of facing Floyd Mayweather Jr. The rapper turned actor revealed that he definitely wants to see McGregor vs. Mayweather happen.

"Who don't want to see that man?" Ice Cube said. "People will see people scrap, it don't matter if you come from the same sport. They want to scrap, let them scrap."

It may take some time for this fight to come to fruition, but at least you can have some laughs watching Day and Ice Cube beat the crap out of each other in Fist Fight, which hits theaters on Friday, February 17.


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