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When Sylvester Stallone isn't squaring off with the likes of Chuck Liddell and Demi Lovato, apparently the action movie legend likes to spend his time getting all nostalgic on his Instagram acccount.

In the actor's latest trip down memory lane, Stallone posted an amazing story from his time working with Hulk Hogan on the set of Rocky III. According to Stallone, the WWE legend wasn't aware of his own strength and sent three stuntmen to the hospital following a crowd fighting scene.

In addition to the bruised and broken extras, Stallone himself also took a pretty nasty hit from Hogan during one of their Rocky III battles.

Another flashback and another reason why it's not such a great idea to always do your own stunts! I met Terry Bollea aka THUNDERLIPS aka HULK HOGAN In the very early 80s when I was directing Rocky III. AT 6feet 7 and 295 pounds with 24 inch biceps ! He was an amazing athlete! Incredibly powerful. I remember a violent move where he threw me into the corner , charged across the ring like an ENRAGED bull and leaped so amazingly high Above me,that his shinbone actually came down giant tree on my collarbone , and I tumbled to the floor. I was afraid to look at my shoulder for about 10 minutes ... I said "don't roll me over , don't move me, " because I was sure there was bone protruding through my upper chest ! Of course there wasn't but I have never felt such a mind numbing pain from a massive hit before or since that day! HULK Just didn't know his own strength. Believe it or not when he jumped into the audience to fight with the stuntmen , three of them had to be treated at the hospital. Great guy, great friend, his presence made the Film very very special. HULK , if you're reading this, it was a privilege to be mangled by such a gentleman.

While taking a shin to the chest from Hogan is no picnic, at least Stallone didn't get KO'd like his Creed co-star Michael B. Jordan.


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